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We take your brand on a journey, starting with brand strategy, dictating visuals like the logo design & brand identity through to copy on your website design.

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Whether its just packaging design, or your entire website, it all starts with how you sell your product. You need to know your position in the market, have a messaging strategy and a clear value proposition before creating any marketing materials.


Designing with brand strategy allows for designing with purpose. Each colour, shape and element must be created for a reason. Each interaction and user experience must evoke desired feelings. This will allow your brand to be consistent, relatable and profitable.


Your success always comes down to how the strategy is executed. A correct process is what acts as a recipe for success. Correct execution will make your customers feel trust, connection and satisfaction. See our service tour to learn more...

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Our Graphic Design Services

Logo Design

Your logo will put your business on the map. Making your mark with a strong visual identity for your business is a great feeling—it’s like pressing go on your plans. We will ensure your logo speaks to your customers—an important step to acquire customer loyalty.


Branding moves beyond logo creation. More than visual aesthetics, branding involves creating a visual identity system and a brand style guide. We find out what your consumer attitudes, motivations and goals are so we can make your marketing and graphic design into an effective brand.

Website Design

When it comes to website design, one size does not fit all. Our websites are built from the ground up—no templates involved. Our expertise in website design will complement your branding, and marketing needs. We design websites to help your business gain leads, retain customers and produce measurable results.

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Branding Case Studies

Project Scope:
Logo Design
Website Design
Brand Style Guide
Visual identity design

EcoAlyn is an eco-friendly eCommerce store based in England. Building up their private label brand, they were able to gather over 500+ Five star reviews on which let them expand into seven new products.

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Project Scope:
Logo Design
Brand Style Guide
Visual identity design
Custom Font DEsign

Destiny Software is a tech startup in Poland, Zielona GĂłra. The project required a lot of planning and strategising over months to achieve the final results.

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Project Scope:
Logo Design
Website ART direction
campaign design
Visual identity design

MyPlanet Natural is an eco-friendly eCommerce store selling New Zealand products in Singapore. The kiwi Owner from Wanganui decided to do something about the massive pollution in Asia.

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Project Scope:
Logo Design
Website Design
Visual identity design
Brand Strategy

MISBRUK is a vegan t-shirt brand startup originally based in New Zealand, Palmerston North, Manawatu-Wanganui. MISBRUK was sold as a successful startup in November 2019.

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Featured Work

Based in New Zealand, Palmerston North we've worked with companies around the world on their logo design, branding, website design as well as brand strategy.

Screenshot of the website showing social media posts | Branding & Website
white eco-friendly motorbike in a photography studio with green and blue stickers
Eco-Friendly Uber in Thailand - evRiderz Logo & Bike Design
Equigate logo mockup
Equine App of the Future - Brand & Logo Design
digital devices, iphone and mac on a black background displaying a website design
White Rabbit Scientific - Microfluidics Brand Identity Design
logo of a saber tooth tiger in a minimalist style
Resolute Alpha | Logo Designs and Branding
Massey Business School | Internal Poster Campaign Design
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