We help entrepreneurs achieve their dreams by designing with brand strategy.

We are Zurek Designs

A graphic design and branding agency based in Palmerston North, New Zealand. We create your Brand Strategy, Logo, Brand Identity, and Website Designs.

Julia Rezner

Copywriter | Marketer

I'm a finance student with a great passion for words. Writing allows me to nurture the creative side of my soul.  By constantly improving my craft, I can provide the highest standard of service to our clients. Once I finish my degree, I plan on traveling the world and experiencing all it has to offer.

Szymon Zurek

Owner | Brand Builder

As an individual, I appreciate people who have a vision, are hungry and driven. I value the courage entrepreneurs have and the constant strive to be the best of the best.

My aspiration is to expand my branding agency to a size like Vayner Media, by doing what Gary Vaynerchuck does - being truthful, kind, and giving.

Jess Burgess Smith

Graphic Designer

I have been working with Szymon since 2017 and joined the company in 2019. Creativity has always been an important part of my life and I have been using graphic design to channel it since high school. This allowed me to grow and develop as a young designer.

I am currently studying zoology and media studies at Massey University with the aim of going into wildlife documentary.

Sebastian Batkowski

Web Developer

Based in Poland, I started my career at a telecommunications company where I was able to practice my IT & programming skills.

I now enjoy working with my team on website design projects, creating all the functionality, backend and front end.

More than just Graphic Design

Reach your business goals with strategy and planning

How we work

Our graphic design services don't just make your business look tremendous, but they are there for a purpose - to complement your marketing and branding strategy and reach your business goals. It is not just about the design execution, but also the strategy and process.


It is crucial to define your business purpose and put a strategy behind the design. Creating a design strategy starts with us looking into different market segments, potential audiences and the competitor brands.


Every client has a unique problem. This is why our process is flexible. This way we can tailor the package towards you and your unique issue. Our usual process stages are researching brainstorming, creating moldboards, concepting, refining and finalising.


Any artist can create work that looks nice, but most struggle with attaching their work to a pragmatic solution. Our graphic design work goes beyond the visuals to help you and your business reach goals. Our art is design with a strategy.

Our Graphic Design Service

Marketing materials are a compilation of different media types. We use them to support your brand, improve the awareness of the brand and increase your sales.

Logo Design

Your logo design is the first visual asset people see when they interact with your brand. Your logo must represent your business, its values and give a good indication of what you are about. With a well developed design process, we ensure top quality logo design.

Branding Collateral

Branding collateral design is a collection of print and digital materials that support your branding, marketing and sales. This includes business cards, product literature, letterheads, marketing campaigns, sales presentations, packaging design and other materials.

Website Design

Successful website design creates leads, enhances the customer journey, and creates loyal customers. With a background in Marketing Communication, we ensure the design meets your visual, branding, messaging, and marketing needs.

How We do Brand identity Design

Visual Identity and Logo Design

The logo design is the first visual asset people see when they interact with your brand. It must be attention grabbing and pleasing to the eye. Having a professional, unique and well designed logo builds trust. (See our article about customer loyalty). Potential consumers will subconsciously look at the visual communication of your company. The first factor that will determine if the consumer is open to accept your brand are the visual aspects. This is the logo design and the context that it is in.

Timeless Logo Design

It might take you many years to be as recognisable as Apple or Microsoft. That is why having a memorable logo design is the first step to reach huge success. Building a solid foundation for your brand design will have a huge return on investment over the years because it's really important to plan your brand's visuals and get it perfect so that your graphic design is timeless.

More than Visuals

Brand identity design involves much more than visual aesthetics. We dive into consumer psychology, their motives, goals, attitudes and behaviour. Our extensive knowledge in consumer behaviour is where the real value is in our design service ( consumer behaviour article). Working in your business with design that is thought through and planned will save you headache and money.

The design steps and assets

  • "The Mood-board stage" (the mood-board stage determines the visual style and vibe of your brand)
  • 2. "The Logo Design and an initial and basic Brand Guide Stage" (these are assets, ideas and instructions such as colours, patterns, typography/fonts)
  • 3. Extensive Brand Guide (There are many different rules, however, some general ones are layout rules, logo use in context, image and text spacing and assets rules)
  • 4. "The Brand Assets Stage" (Materials such as footers/headers, icons, photography and custom templates for your marketing materials)

How We do Brand strategy & planning

Our process


The first step in building a brand strategy and design, is to do market research. In this step we look into different market segments. Once we establish a potential audience, we look at competitors and other established brands. We then decide our final target audience. We go through their psychographics, demographics, location, culture and their behaviour.

Defining your Brand

It is crucial to define your business purpose because it is what consumers will resonate with. Think of the mission statement and dig deep to lay in strong fundamentals when it comes to your brand values. While making money is important and often a priority, operating under that notion alone does little to set your brand apart from others in your industry. This is why a clear image of a brand important.

Enforcing Tactics

This step of brand strategy development is very practical. We finally implement all our findings into usable and practical resources. This includes - Internet Communication (Website, social media) and Sales, Script and Print Media. Messaging and Naming, Story as well as Slogans. Visuals are the next important part to your brand.

What is Brand Strategy?

First, let us tell you what brand strategy and design is not, as there is often a misconception. Your brand is not your your logo, your website,  product, or your name - it's more than that.  A brand is a gut feeling a consumer has to your business.

Your brand is intangible and while all the design assets mentioned add to a brand, they are not what creates it. It is how people perceive your brand and what emotions and attitudes they associate with it (See article on consumer behaviour).

If you are familiar with the term "Brand Positioning", you will know that brand strategy is about creating a plan that will put you in the right spot when it comes to how consumers see you compared to competitors (see our article about brand positioning).

Why is building a brand important to the success of your company?

A strong brand creates customer loyalty, that increases the value of your company value which can grow if you continue to invest in the brand. Brands allow you to set higher prices for your products and services. People associate higher quality to branded products, and they'll pay more than for a generic version, even when the two products are identical because they trust the branded product more - brands make and keep their promises. Once your product is branded, you typically earn a higher market share while lowering your cost of sales and customer acquisition. Loyal customers don't need to be marketed to as much. With an established brand, it's easier to launch new products. When consumers see the brand's logo on a new product, they instantly associate the brand promise to that new product from day one. There are other benefits of brands than just the marketing advantages. For example, studies show that companies with great brands have lower employee turnover. Popular brands help companies recruit the most talented and passionate employees.