Destiny Software
branding case study

Destiny Software is an I.T. startup in Poland Zielona Góra.
They program custom business software like accounting programs, CRMs, product and stock management systems and really anything else a company might need.


Creating a minimalist logo with deep meaning and brand representation with extensive research for the logo to last many years at an international market. The logo and its assets must tie all the visuals into the brand story.


We designed: a very clean and modern logo with a story, custom crafted font which we called AXEFINITY, an extensive brand style guide spanning over 20 pages (for now), a texture pack, a pattern pack, icon design, UI concepts and marketing materials like business cards.

Project Scope

Logo Design
Custom Font Design
Brand Style Guide
Texture Pack
UI concepting
Marketing Materials
(we can't showcase everything yet 😔 )

About the project
story, planning, strategy, execution

How we started

Destiny Software was under thePetra ITname - Petra being their company that takes care of accounting. So, they decided to break away from Petra and create their own branding. The project started late 2017 November and at the time, we were setting onto deciding upon the style of the brand, AKA the mood-board. This took around 3 months of research, brainstorming and putting inspiration together.

When the strategy was settled

During 2018 we were creating hundreds of concepts for the UI, icons, logo designs, and other materials. After exploring for a year, we finally settled on Rafafał Tadra's (The CEO) words "I want our company to be like Apple". With all the exploring behind us, we set on the goal, to make the design reflect their innovation, future and a deep vision. Finally in mid 2019 we started executing on the final designs.

Their success

Destiny Software operates in the national market in Poland and their goal is to move into the international market in 2022. So far they landed massive clients like a petrol station network with over 230 stations in the country (sorry we can't disclose their name publicly). With momentum like this, their software programming frameworks will touch every business in the world.

The designs
starting with the logo design

Utilising the contrasting colours of light blue and navy blue/violet, the inner part of the "D" icon is a representation of the light in the tunnel. Destiny Software is always looking for light in the tunnel and implements modern solutions to modern problems. The bright tunnel light in iconic design emphasises the future, innovation, and then responsibility, as evidenced by placing the light in a navy blue/violet environment.

1 : 1.02
Scale of the “Square” - Width : Height

Fig 1.0 is used to measure the safe area.This is not a square. Please be guided a stretching rectanglefrom angle to angle (scale given)

Fig 2.0
Another rule of rectangle use in relation to the "Destiny" typography(Scale given).Reason:The font remains the same size, while the icon had to be reduced for a better image.

Fig 3.0
Fig 4.0

Reason for 3/4:There is more negative space to the left of the icon. Because of this, in order for it to be balanced, this side must be compensated. This is also the reason why there is an optical centre in the vertical format of the logo just above.

Custom font design
‍‍axefinity was made to fit their brand

Business card design
‍‍using the texture and pattern pack

A peak into the brand style guide
‍‍‍just to give you and idea of how the book looked like

the future
‍‍‍‍design projects to come

Completing marketing materials

The Destiny Software branding is still fresh with a lot of marketing materials that needs creating. We will focus on designing email footers, sales materials, letter heads, document templates, PowerPoint presentations and more of the office branding collateral.

Website design and UI

While we have thrown some concepts around, the designs are not ready to implement on a larger scale. There is also the challenge of working with the developer team directly to transfer our UI sketches into something functional. We will be developing the website in early 2020.

Campaigns and marketing

As we grow at Zurek Designs and as Destiny Software grows, one day we want to plan, strategise, create and execute advertising campaigns to reach the right audiences in their buying windows to bring the most value.

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