Eco Alyn
‍branding case study

Eco Alyn is an e-commerce store based in England selling their own private label eco-friendly products
They have a range of sustainable products and most of them started off as bamboo alternatives to plastic, however, they since moved into developing items made from other plant based materials such as cotton.


The challenge in this project was to create synergy between the print media and the digital media. Since Alyn's products are known for eco-friendly packaging, we used recycled card to make packaging prints. This meant that the colours will always be different than the digital colours. It was necessary to create different brand style guide rules of colours and fonts - almost like creating two different brands (print and digital).


We designed a system where both print materials and digital media work in their own field with the use of different colours and fonts. We created synergy between them so that it gets the feeling from the same brand, but at the same time is recognisable enough where you can tell straight away which of their media you are looking at even if the material is placed out of context.

Project Scope

Logo Design
Brand Style Guide
Print Media Guide Lines
Marketing Materials
Social Media templates
Website Design
E-book Design

About the projects
branding, packaging and digital channels

How it started

Mid 2018 we were asked to create a logo design and the first packaging box design. Starting off slowly, we were yet to create further materials like the brand style guide or any marketing materials.
The first product was a box of bamboo eco-friendly cotton buds which were listed on

Alyn grew very rapidly

Four months since launch, Alyn gathered 200+ five star reviews on Amazon.

Coming into January 2019, many reviewed the product taking notice of the beautiful packaging design.

We were then requested to create another packaging design, this time for bamboo toaster tongs.

Their success now

Within a year, Alyn gathered over 600 five star reviews and was the top product in the eco-friendly ear buds product category.

With such success, they wanted to move onto bigger things, so in July 2019 we started building their e-commerce website and with that we designed five more packaging designs as well as more supporting graphic design assets.

The designs
‍starting with the logo design

The Eco-alyn brand relies a lot of the bamboo products and its packaging designs.

We wanted this to be a theme throughout the entire brand experience so we made the logo simple in concept, but being well executed, it is now a well know icon in the UK sustainability community.

Packaging Design
Photography by Will at Epps Photography

A peak into the brand style guide
‍‍‍developed before the website project

E-book design
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Bamboo cotton ear buds

‍‍Bamboo toothbrushes (kids and adults)

Picture showing two identical cardboard packages with the logo "Alyn" on them. They contain ecological bamboo toothbrushes.

‍‍Bamboo toaster tongs

‍‍Bamboo cutlery

‍‍Wheat straws

‍‍Cotton mesh bags

Website Design
‍‍‍(Eco Alyn has since migrated back to Amazon)

Icon and Illustration Work
‍‍‍used across the different media

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