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At Zurek Designs we also specialise in eco-friendly and sustainability focused graphic design and branding.

As an agency we want to make a difference in the world, just like you, so we offer you our expertise and experience in the industry, so you can kick-start your journey strong.

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While we are based in New Zealand, we work with businesses around the world, whether it be in cities like Dubai, Bangkok, Shanghai, Singapore, or countries like England, Canada, Australia, the USA, Scotland and Poland.

Matthew Jones

CEO of EcoAlyn

Based in England | See Website | See our project
Working with Zurek Designs was a pleasant experience. They obviously are very creative because their product box designs and logo designs are just brilliant. They are excellent communicators and they also like to share ideas before completing the final design. If you are looking for a unique design which will stand out then Zurek Designs is the go to agency!

Jocelyn Mcbride

CEO of Plan Bee

Based in Dubai | See our project
Getting every detail of my start-up just right was very important to me and Szymon didn’t disappoint. He was meticulous in his attention to detail and worked tirelessly to meet my timelines and exacting brief. He’s a great communicator, talented and hard working. The real deal! I love the logo design and the entire brand feeling he created!

Kerrie Vivas

CEO of Holevida

Based in Melbourne Australia | See our project
Szymon was amazing to work with. He really made me think about my brand and what I want it to stand for with his initial questions. Very professional. Responded to all of my ideas and delivered a logo that I am so happy with!! Nothing was too much trouble. Thanks so much for everything!!!

ECO companies LOOK similar. We want your brand to look and feel unique.
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Branding & graphic design has a big impact

Branding and graphic design is everywhere. It mostly influences us through our subconscious.

This is why there must be intention and strategy behind every design. Since its more than just nice visuals, fancy fonts and pretty pictures, if you want to achieve your goals, you need a good understanding of how the design world works.
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Our Eco branding services

Logo Design

We want your brand to resonate with your audience. While your business purpose is to make a change, we must still keep in mind that businesses are made to profit. Eco-friendly and sustainable logo design must represent your business to match all your values.


Much like your logo design, the entire brand image must follow a consistent style with certain visual elements to make your business memorable and enticing. With a well-designed logo and branding, you can resonate with the right people to make the right change.

Website Design

Your website should measure engagement, tell a story, and convert your leads. No matter the cause, veganism, environmentalism, healthy lifestyle or tech/app to better peoples well-being. A website is the best medium to use for your communication as a brand.

Branding and graphic design case studies

Project Scope:
Logo Design
Website Design
Brand Style Guide
Visual identity design

EcoAlyn is an eco-friendly eCommerce store based in England. Building up their private label brand, they were able to gather over 500+ Five star reviews on Amazon.co.uk which let them expand into seven new products.

See case study
Project Scope:
Logo Design
Website visual direction
campaign design
Visual identity design

MyPlanet Natural is an eco-friendly eCommerce store selling New Zealand products only. The kiwi Owner from Wanganui decided to do something about the massive pollution in Asia, so he implemented his marketing experience to the Singapore market - where the store is based.

See case study
Project Scope:
Logo Design
Website Design
Product Design
Visual identity design

MISBRUK is a vegan t-shirt brand startup originally based in New Zealand, Palmerston North, Manawatu-Wanganui. MISBRUK was sold as a successful startup in November 2019.

See case study

More than just Graphic Design

Reach your business goals with strategy and planning

Our graphic design services don't just make your business look tremendous, but they are there for a purpose - to complement your marketing and branding strategy and reach your business goals. It is not just about the design execution, but also the strategy and process.


It is crucial to define your business purpose and put a strategy behind the design. Creating a design strategy starts with us looking into different market segments, potential audiences and the competitor brands.


Every client has a unique problem. This is why our process is flexible. This way we can tailor the package towards you and your unique issue. Our usual process stages are researching brainstorming, creating moldboards, concepting, refining and finalising.


Any artist can create work that looks nice, but most struggle with attaching their work to a pragmatic solution. Our graphic design work goes beyond the visuals to help you and your business reach goals. Our art is design with a strategy.

About our Services

About us

We are Zurek Designs - A graphic design and branding agency. We create Logo design, Brand Design and Website Design. Based in Palmerston North New Zealand, we deliver visual identity systems and graphic design worldwide. We love helping brands reach their full potential by leaving a mark on this world.

Jess Burgess Smith

Graphic Designer

I am currently studying zoology and media studies at Massey University with the aim of going into wildlife documentary. Creativity has always been an important part of my life and I have been using graphic design to channel it since high school.

I have been working with Szymon since 2017 and joined the company in 2019. This allowed me to grow and develop as a young designer. I can't wait to see where it takes me in the future!

Andrew Hills

Sales Representative

Leaving university, I jumped through differing roles in sales, trades and services to expand my portfolio of experience. Fast forward to now, I aim to use my experience as an advantageous approach to my work as I aim to offer the best service for all tasks.

My interests include Sports, Travel, Hiking and meeting the community.

Szymon Zurek

CEO | Marketer | Graphic Designer

I started working as a freelance graphic designer in 2014 which allowed me to hone my skills and build a portfolio. Fast forward to mid 2019, I moved away from freelance to build my agency.

On top of the Marketing Communication Degree that I am doing, I was also able to gain business experience through my startup called MISBRUK (a clothing brand) which got me into Stuff.co.nz which allowed me to sell the business.

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