‍‍‍Case Study

Misbruk is an eco-friendly and vegan t-shirt clothing brand with an up and running e-commerce store fighting for animal rights
They really focused on creating the most ethical products possible with a very strong message to support the vegan movement.


We needed to implement international currency to the e-commerce store (not just its display), which meant we had to configure a lot of technicalities on the back-end so the store can charge true prices in the selected currency. This also proved to be a challenge when sorting shipping prices to the different countries. We used Stripe and Bold to accomplish this.


We planned out a clear branding and messaging strategy.

We implemented multi-currency to the eCommerce website.

And with that, we created all the assets like the logo design, website design, campaign design and project design.

We were asked to take art direction of the illustration and VFX work.

Finally, we also had the opportunity to manage their Facebook ad campaigns.

Project Scope

Brand Strategy
Messaging Strategy
Marketing Campaigns
Logo Design
Product Design
Marketing Materials
Website Design
Photography Direction
Illustration Art Direction
VFX Animation Direction

About the projects
brand strategy, art direction and marketing campaigns

Brand strategy

The entire brand imagery and messaging focused on metaphors. The brand experience is based on metaphors, so the fun in that is exploring them yourself - they speak for themselves.

We were to target vegan and environmental extremist, so we wanted the brand to be representative of the community and so we represented their pain points with the use of metaphors.

Marketing campaigns

Misbruk talks to a VERY niche audience and market. With our well targeted and resonating messages, we were able to get an average CTR of 7.4% on Google Search, over 100K impressions in Facebook Ad Campaigns with a 2% conversion rate for Google Ad-words.

The campaign designs were simple with New Zealand scenery with supporting text and enticing copy in the advertisements.

Everything was tracked by Facebook Pixel and Google Analytics to gather consumer information and preform extensive re-targeting campaigns.

The start-up sucess

Misbruk aspires to be the Nike of the vegan and environmentalist community.

In the year, 2019, Misbruk was featured in Stuff.co.nz which was then sold off to a new owner.

The designs
‍starting with the logo design

The name "MISBRUK" means abuse in Norwegian. The logo type has a $ sign to advocate against corporation abuse money abuse which hurts the planet and animals.

With a simple type based design, we can focus on the minimalist and elegant aesthetics of the brand and showcase the more complex illustrations on the t-shirts.

The metaphor
‍‍strong and methodical - photography by Ryan Johnson

Product design
‍‍illustration art direction

(click image)

Website Design
‍‍‍see website live!

VFX animation direction
‍‍‍animated and edited by Jo-Ash Hamilton

Facebook ad campaign
‍‍design, messaging, management and execution

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