myplanet natural
‍branding case study

MyPlanet Natural is an eco-friendly health and beauty eCommerce store selling New Zealand products in Singapore.
The kiwi Owner from Wanganui decided to do something about the massive pollution in Asia, so he implemented his marketing experience to the Singapore market with eco-friendly health and beauty products.


The challenge in this project was to create a compelling logo that will represent New Zealand with to the Singaporean market.

We needed to get the logo design just right. From the beginning, the intention was to create a logo representing the Koru in a clever way. Us Kiwis being so familiar with the Koru graphics, we overworked the concept and made it too complicated.

Finally, we settled on a very simple design balanced by a full stop.


This started as a logo design project, but closing it successfully, it has lead us to create the print ad campaigns for an eco-friendly Singaporean magazine. This also opened up the window to take a look at the much needed art direction for the website which also lead to creating a small brand style guide.
Finally, we were also commissioned to make the website banners for the landing page to accompany our art direction.

Project Scope

Logo Design
Brand Style Guide
Print Ad Campaign
Website Art Direction
Website Banner Design
Photo Manipulation
Marketing Materials

About the projects
colours, illustrations and weird ideas

A range of Green and Purple

We decided to use a wide range of shades or the green and purple colours which proved to be something new where we learnt ways of contrasting graphic items with the use different shades. This allowed us to design compelling banners and ads that tie into the brand identity.

Metaphor - hero image is rubbish

We like to make our designs with a deeper layer to them, where things might not be so obvious at first glance.

The hero image with the mountain and a silhouettes is actually a photo we took of a plastic rubbish bag with a purple back light. This is to represent how unconscious consumers don't go with the kinder choice for the planet.

Some Photography

We don't tend to do photo-shoots unless we have a specific idea for a design that requires a photo taken by us like the mountain hero image for example.

However, in this case, we also supplied MyPlanet Natural with some spare photography from around New Zealand that we took during trips.

The designs
‍starting with the logo design

We went with a very simple representation for the New Zealand beauty product shop - a Koru with a dot.

Print ad campaign design
‍‍for an eco-friendly magazine

A peak into the brand style guide
‍‍‍developed to complement future design

Website art direction

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