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5 easy steps to increase page views on Amazon

January 14, 2021
Julia Rezner

Once you start selling on Amazon, the initial excitement and hope might slowly turn into discouragement and feeling lost. Your products are good, your prices are reasonable… so why is no one seeing your offer? Is the algorithm working against you? While many sellers might give up after a few weeks of little to no results, it’s better to look for the solution. This article will give you 5 easy steps to improve your page views on Amazon, therefore increasing your sales. Let’s get started!


What are page views on Amazon?

To begin, we should explain the difference between page views and sessions on Amazon. It might seem confusing at the beginning, but the answer is simple. Page views mean the number of times each of your products was seen by the customer. A session is a whole time they have spent searching through Amazon. So, a customer searching through your shop for 10minutes and clicking on 20 of your products, generates 1 session and 20 page views. Now that you know the difference, we can start with our tips ad hints on increasing page views on Amazon.

1.   Use the right words in the right places.

This might be the best advice to increase your page views quickly. Look at your listings through your customer's eyes. If you were a client looking for your product, what would you type on Amazon to find it? Did you use those words to name your products?


Long-tail vs short tail

While long and descriptive titles might look more appealing, a typical client won’t look for a “high-quality red hoodie made out of 100% organic wool”. They will simply type in “red hoodie”, so make sure that’s what you use as a title. However, keep in mind that sometimes longer and more detailed titles are better. It all depends on what you sell. If your product serves one, specific purpose, use a longer title. If the client looking for your product only have a general idea of what they need (like in the example of a red hoodie), a shorter title is better. It’s always good to experiment a little. Try using different words and combinations and see what works the best. Right keywords will increase your page views quickly, so take your time researching them!

2.   Understand the Amazon algorithm - then use it to your advantage.

Increasing page views on Amazon is a bit trickier than doing it on Google. Amazon prefers to keep their secrets close to the chest. However, there are few things we know for sure that can help to boost your page views. First, you should play a little with your prices. Updating them occasionally (let’s say, once in a month or so) will keep your products listing “fresh”. Make sure that you do it with your most viewed products-combining their popularity with the new price is almost a sure way to increase your sales. Then, make sure you keep your availability for each product updated. This way you’ll be a more reliable seller. You should also know that Amazon prefers to highlight the product with the highest volume of sales. The higher your sales, the closer you get to the top of the page. It’s worth making sure you do everything right!


3.   Invest in good branding.

This might seem like an obvious thing to say, but it’s crucial to ensure your brand is better than your competition. Good branding will increase your page views on Amazon. Taking care of your brand logo, colours you use, and general “feeling” about your brand will make wonders. As human beings, we automatically trust more brands with consistency and professional look over cheap, inconsistent ones. Establish your brand values, goals, and ambitions. Deliver something more than just a bit cheaper item. All successful companies have one thing in common- they sell something we desire, something that solves our problems. Look at your product from different perspectives. Try to see what you can do as a brand to help people. This will create attachment from your clients to your brand, they will rely on your product in case of future needs. After all, isn’t it better to sell 3 products to one client than find 3 new clients?

4.   Marketing will increase your page views.

Amazon is working in the same way as any other marketplace. It means that to increase your page views, you will need to make sure that people know about you. Facebook and Instagram ads can be your friends here. Invest into reaching out to your target customer group. Talk with influencers and people with many followers on social media. Let the people know that your shop exists!

5.   Amazon Early Reviewer Program

The last option is to invest a bit into Amazon’s Early Reviewer Program. By gaining reviews on your products, you will increase the number of views on your pages. How does this program work? It’s simple. All you need to do is enrol in it and pay a fee. Then your chosen product will be sent out to one of Amazon’s chosen reviewers. By using this program, your product will get between1-5 reviews. And those opinions are something that Amazon’s algorithm loves! Each positive review will bring your product higher on the Amazon search results page.


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