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How to drive traffic from Amazon to your website?

January 18, 2021
Julia Rezner
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While there’s a lot one could say about the great opportunity that Amazon is, there are also some downsides to it. Big cuts on sale of each product, strict rules, possibility of losing your account within few minutes… It seems like having your website store is somehow safer. But there’s no way to gain access to an enormous client base like the one that Amazon has. So, how do you drive traffic from your Amazon store to your website?


Is there a sure way to drive traffic from Amazon?

Without pointing you out to specific points of their Terms & Conditions, we can easily deduce the answer. Each client that leaves Amazon and chose your website means less money for Amazon. They will do anything they can to ensure they’re the ones keeping all the money. That’s why it’s not recommendable to try and trick Amazon- while it might work for sometime, sooner or later they will find out. Once they do, you can say goodbye to your Amazon business, at least for some time. Doing things like putting your store name on your Amazon page or messaging customers asking them to visit your store will be handled by Amazon. So, if you are not willing to take this risk, is there is anything you can do?


Don’t be too obvious.

A red, neon sign saying “VISIT MY STORE" in the middle of your Amazon page will result in a ban quite quickly. But using your shop name as your account name on Amazon? Nothing bad about that. You need to get creative- let the customer know you exist outside the space of Amazon, without being direct about it. You could also add a little note, inside your package, with your shop address, asking the customer to register their product to gain a free, 12-months guarantee (works mostly with electronic devices…). Drop your shop address into the “About me” section. There are lots of possibilities to direct a bit of traffic from Amazon, while staying in a grey area, just outside their radar.

Direct traffic to your website.

There are ways to do this without risking your Amazon account. While it is tempting to try and get a piece of their enormous client base, sticking to the rules and looking for traffic outside the Amazon might be more beneficial in the long run.


Branding and design

Making sure you're branding is on point, as well as the graphic aspect of your website is a first step to increasing your sales. Modern and professional websites enhance the customer's trust. If your website looks good and works well on different devices, chances are you will attract more clients with time.


Positioning your website

Another way to get more traffic while saving your Amazon earnings from being banned is using the right positioning strategy. Finding the right keywords in your niche is one of the most important steps. Whether it’s about Amazon or your website, you must ensure you target the right words. By thinking like your customers, you can decide which words will direct them to your products. Take extra care in Google Ads- they are worth spending extra money, as they allow you to target exactly who you need.


Social media

In 2021, there’s no online business without social media. Instagram, Facebook, YouTube- those platforms offer you a wide range of possibilities to reach your clients. Investing in Facebook ads and creating an entertaining Instagram account will bring you closer to your goal- an increasing number of sales.


Combine instead of separating.

To sum up, think about it this way- is it better to drive traffic from Amazon and enjoy a raise in sales for a short time (until Amazon finds out), or maybe it’s better to combine your benefits both from website and Amazon business? While their costs of operations might be overwhelming, nowadays it’s nearly impossible for small businesses to stand out and grow on their own. Whether we like it or not, Amazon is something we must acknowledge and recognize. A good option is to build your brand on Amazon, see what products are selling or no, get experience in customer service; only then start slowly switching to your website, where you will enjoy100% of every sale.

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