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How to get initial reviews on Amazon in 2021.

January 21, 2021
Julia Rezner

Importance of reviews

Once you launched your Amazon business, you’ll quickly understand the importance of reviews. They hold great power on Amazon, both for the company and the customer. Having lots of reviews will guarantee you a high position in search results. Moreover, for a typical customer, it’s always quantity over quality- the more reviews people leave on your products, the higher are your chances for the next person to buy it (unless they are all 1-star reviews!).

What you need to know about Amazon reviews

Before we get into describing the best ways to get initial reviews on Amazon, let us emphasize again their importance. You need to know that your first 10 reviews are crucial for your Amazon business. Those primary 10 reviews are a snapshot of customers' point of view about your products. After you hit your first 10, the next ones aren’t as important. Make sure your company is up to the challenge- there’s no second chance to make the first (10) impression(s)! Another important thing about reviews- verified ones are more valuable than unverified ones. While anyone can leave their opinion on your product, people who bought your product change your average rating more than those who haven’t.

What to do to get reviews on Amazon

First - be the best.

Yes, you got that right. A lot of customers will find joy in leaving you a good review if their experience with you was exceptional. If your product is top quality, your branding and packaging catch attention, and your customer service is the best you could do- then you might get your first reviews in no time. Even if, for some reason, your product doesn’t live up to expectations, good customer service will make this whole experience more tolerable. That will encourage the customer to leave a less destructive review on your page. Make sure that everything is right- a happy customer is your business’s best friend.

Second - let Amazon help you.

If despite having the perfect product you find yourself stuck with little or no reviews, maybe it’s time to use some extra help. Amazon offers two programs aimed at new sellers- The Early Reviewer and Vine program.

Amazon Early Reviewer program.

To sign up for this program, your product needs to have less than 5 reviews. It costs 60$ per product. The way it works is quite simple- customers that have bought your product will receive an email from Amazon asking them to leave an honest review on your product. They will be gifted some small gift cards. In this way, many people are encouraged to take extra time and write few words about your product. This continues until you reach your first 5 reviews- or one year passes since you’ve signed up for the program. This is a good way for new, small sellers to get the recognition they need to hit off with their business.

Amazon Vine program

This one requires you to have less than 30 reviews. All you need to do is provide 30 units of your product. Then, Amazon will find to deliver them for free to their Top Reviewers, also called “Vine Voices”, so that they can decide what review you deserve. While this program is more costly and you’ll need to give stuff for free, it’s a sure way to get reviews on Amazon.

Third - be talkative.

If you want to get those reviews from your customers, you need to engage in real conversations with them. Of course, all your emails sent after the purchase can be automatically handled (using feedback management software). But how to make sure you have a good opening rate on them?

Offer more than your customers expect.

It’s good to offer your customer more than they expected. Let’s say you are selling kitchen robots or musical instruments. By sending your customer an email with some great cooking recipes (or tutorial on using your instrument) you add extra, unexpected value to their purchase. Later on, follow up with an email asking to leave a review- your chances for success will rise!

Communication on all channels.

You should try to get a review from your customer even before they unpack your product. Dropping a card inside the package, thanking them for purchase, and asking for review adds an extra touch to their experience with you. Be available on all channels- Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are your weapons. They have a better responsiveness rate than a typical email. However, remember that spamming your customer with messages is even worse, than not doing anything. Limit yourself to the most important, eye-catching messages. Once you start getting your reviews, try to respond to all of them. Treat it the same way you would treat a compliment said to you face-to-face. Instead of leaving it there, show people that you listen to them and care about what they have to say. It will encourage others to review your products as well!

Amazon reviews - avoid those actions.

You understand by now the importance of getting your products reviewed. However, there are few things that Amazon won’t let you do to get them (at least not in long term). Asking your friends or family to review your products is a big no- Amazon wants honest, unbiased opinions. Offering free products in exchange for a positive review is also prohibited- if they catch you, they won’t let it slip. It might be hard playing by their rules, but you risk a lot by playing unfairly. Make sure your product and its branding speak for themselves, and you won’t need those methods.


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