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How to start an Amazon FBA business if your country doesn’t have Amazon

January 5, 2021
Julia Rezner

Starting your own FBA business is a great way to generate stable income. But what if your country isn’t on the list of countries approved for seller registration? Is there a way to still sell on Amazon? The answer is yes, and this article will show you exactly how to do it. It’s easier than you might think!


It’s all about your company.

Yes, that’s the shortest answer we could give you. Let us elaborate - to sell on Amazon, your company must be registered on Amazon’s approved list. You can have any nationality from outside the list-it’s where your company is based that matters. All you need to do is set up your company in one of the countries from Amazon’s list, and you’re good to go. Of course, it will require checking all the legal steps required in your chosen country for creating a company. However, with determination and work, you can make it possible.


Bank account - your primary need.

Setting up a company in a different country requires you to have a bank account that can operate on different currencies. After all, your income will be in that currency. You also need to remember that your card must be accepted by Amazon. There are few options to choose from, but Payoneer and World first are among the most popular options. Chose the one that’s most suitable for you and start selling on Amazon!


What to sell on Amazon FBA?

That’s the first and most important question to ask yourself before starting to sell on Amazon. The first and most obvious answer, to simply sell what’s popular, isn’t always the correct one. If you think of Amazon FBA as of long-term commitment, then research is your first step. Finding a niche that isn’t too saturated and promises a constant income can be a bit tricky. However, it’s possible and not so hard to find. All you need is time and determination. By finding the right spot for your Amazon business, you will ensure to earn your share of huge Amazon profits.


How to find products for your Amazon business?

After selecting the right niche, another question arises- where can you find suppliers for your product? One of the best options to choose is Alibaba. If you’re not familiar with it, this website allows you to connect with thousands of suppliers based in many countries. From China to Turkey, within few clicks, you will find manufacturers ready to produce and ship your items. A small tip- remember to always ask for few samples. It’s important to sell good quality products. Defective items will earn you one-star reviews - and that’s something to avoid, at all costs.


Custom packaging- your chance for success.

While the quality of your product is something extremely important, right after it follows the quality and aesthetics of your packaging. Bland and boring boxes won’t bring your customer any satisfaction. By creating unforgettable packaging, you will begin the positive experience with your product even before your customer first touches it. Possibilities are nearly endless- from beautiful look to extra functions of your package, there’s always room for creativity. It’s worth taking extra time to ensure your product is wrapped in a perfect box.


How to succeed with Amazon's business?

There are few keys to success in this competitive place. While the most basic rule is to stand out from the crowd, there’s much more to be told than this. Some of those rules are more important than the others- but if you combine them all, your chances to succeed in the long term will arise significantly.  


The beauty of your brand- good design

What differentiates a company like Apple from other tech companies? One of those things lies in a beautiful design. They take great care of details- and you should too. The perfect product combines good quality with a stunning design. Besides taking care of materials used to make your product, invest in good design. Everything from your logo, the colour of the packaging, and the quality of your pictures should be integral and tell the story of your company. This is the best way to create long-term customer loyalty.


SEO and copy writing - win with words.

Amazon’s primary focus is the customers. If your product doesn’t match perfectly with what they are looking for, it simply won’t be seen. That’s why it is so important to make sure you are using the correct words. Think like a customer and find words and phrases you would use to find your product. You can also invest in professional services- this way you can rest assured that your products are visible to customers. Either way, using the right keywords is one of the keys to be more visible to a potential customer.



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