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Shipping from Alibaba to Amazon - how to do it right?

February 10, 2021
Julia Rezner
8 minutes

If you chose to ship your products from Alibaba, you likely live outside of China. Therefore, a question rises- how to transport your products from manufacturer to Amazon warehouse? While the whole process might be a little overwhelming, we will try to show you the best methods to ship your products.


Alibaba short guide

First, let us mention few things about buying from this website. Whereas it is still a good option to obtain your products, you need to be careful with scammers- there are multiple cases of manufacturers disappearing after you pay for the product. That’s why it’s much safer to split the payment- you will pay the full price after obtaining your order. Also, if you’re still not sure what to sell on Amazon, take into account the size of the potential product. Why?


Price for storage

The answer is simple- you pay more if your product is big and heavy, as it takes up more of Amazon warehouses’ space (prices depend on the country of location of your Amazon warehouse). Also, if your items are in the Amazon warehouse for more than 180 days, they will charge you even more. Try to ensure that your product sells!


Take good measurements

After you decide what to sell on Amazon, make sure to obtain accurate measurements of your product. Amazon needs perfection in those numbers; their storage capacity isn’t unlimited, that’s why they need you to provide exact numbers. Trying to trick them won’t work- you are likely to get your product returned if the numbers don’t match.


Time to ship

UPC barcode

So, now you have your product and its exact measurement. What todo next? Amazon requires you to have a UPC barcode. This will work as a “chip” for your products. You can either buy it yourself or check if your supplier offers it for some extra cost. Either way, it’s a must-have.


Set your destination

Once you have previous steps done, it’s time to consider a destination port for your shipment. You can choose between two basic options-shipping directly to the Amazon warehouse or your home. If you prefer to ship to Amazon, it might be cheaper, since you won’t have any extra stops on road. However, you won’t be able to check the quality of your product, which brings us to the advantage of shipping to your home. Despite being usually more expensive, this shipping method allows you to see how your items look like. You can fix any issues with it at hand and avoid potentially bad reviews from unsatisfied customers.

Chose the way

To get your items out of China, you will need to choose between sea or sky. If you choose to ship by container ship, you will face lower cost, but longer time. A plane is an exact opposite- quick delivery, but higher cost. Remember that your customers usually don’t want to wait- saving money might cost you losing potential clients.



Those weird words mean accordingly Full Container Load and Less than Container Load. It’s simply the amount of space in the container that’s needed for your products. Whereas occupying only part of space in the case of LCL is cheaper, bear in mind that your items can be mixed with other LCL packages, meaning they will be prone to more damage due to multiple openings and switching places. However, buying a whole container of items has the risk of not being able to sell all of them. It’s up to your selling forecast to decide which way is better for your Amazon business.


Arriving in destination

Once your shipment lands in the country of destination, it’s time for the final part of transporting. Whether it’s from the port or your home, your products need to reach the Amazon warehouse. This step is also called last-mile delivery. How to do it? What do you need to do in this final step?



Yes, it’s time for more mysterious words. SPD means Small Parcel Delivery, LTL is Less Than truckload, and FTL is simply full truckload. The same as in the case of international shipment, those words describe how much space your items will occupy in truck transport. Once again, the more space you need, the more you’ll have to pay- but in bigger quantities price for each product falls.


How to simplify the shipping process

The shipping process can be a little overwhelming. It comes with tons of paperwork, calls, emails, and controlling which we didn’t mention in this article. If you want to simplify this process, or if you’re new to the game and have little to no experience- it’s recommendable to get a good freight forwarder. This person will be your helping hand, they will work with many companies on the shipment process, ensuring that your product arrives safely to the destination port. They understand the whole shipping process, know how to label your product, track your shipment and deal with the paperwork.


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