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The mindset of success - selling on Amazon FBA

February 14, 2021
Julia Rezner
8 minutes

When you start your Amazon business, it’s clear you want it to succeed. You make sure your product line is on the top shelf by sourcing it from reliable manufacturers; you take care of fast delivery. The design of your product is unique and interesting, so they are visible for customers to see on Amazons’ website. So, the question appears- why aren’t you rich yet? Why is it that your sales don’t seem to grow? The answer might surprise you.


Importance of mindset

Whereas all the aspects mentioned above are crucial for your products to sell, you must remember that your attitude plays a great role in that. It is often overlooked and by doing so, you might miss out on something great. Your items won’t sell themselves without you taking care of the whole process. Contrary to what the so-called YouTube gurus are claiming, selling on Amazon isn’t a walk in park. You won’t get rich and successful in “one week, following those simple steps”. That’s why your attitude or mindset is your best weapon.


The base of good mindset- stay motivated

To understand better what was said before, you need to realize that selling on Amazon is not like a sprint- fast and short. Instead, it’s more of a marathon. This simple misconception is likely the reason why so many new sellers quit in the first few months. When your sales are stagnant or you even lose money, it’s easy to get discouraged and leave. Don’t expect your success to come to you easily. It takes a million smaller steps to achieve your great goals.


Understand Amazon

Once your goal is settled and you’re ready to start working towards it, make sure you’re aware of all that comes with selling on Amazon. It isn’t like any other platform. Their rules and conditions are crucial to your survival there. Breaking the rules (even unconsciously) may lead to losing your account. Always keep in mind that you’re using their website to sell-understandably, they will want you to stick to rules. When you set this straight, you will worry less about getting kicked out and losing money.


Why FBA seller have to think different

One more reason why selling on Amazon is so different from any other platform is the importance of reviews. Truth is, without them, you will probably get stuck at very low sales. Focus on getting them. Especially the initial ones are important- make sure they are all positive, as they will gain you nice kick-off to your business. To read more about getting them, click here.


Keep your cool

Now that we’ve covered ever-changing Amazon rules, the importance of gaining initial reviews, and being motivated, it’s easier to understand what’s the baseline for all of that. You need to stay calm- that’s the main rule for the right mindset. If you have a breakdown each time your delivery fails, your customer returns their item or you run out of stock, you might have a hard time winning this game. Understanding that almost all problems are solvable and calmly looking for a solution is the perfect mindset for any business, especially Amazon. Whether you try to contact Seller Central or your manufacturer to deliver poor quality products, you will need patience and calmness to approach these situations with a clear picture and solutions.


Create a vision

Part of a successful Amazon seller mindset is having a vision. What does it mean? It means that each step you take is meaningful and brings you closer to the goal you’ve set at the beginning. Part of that vision is establishing what does success means to you. Whether it’s becoming rich or being able to work from any place in the world, you need to keep that in mind, especially in hard times. Another thing is your vision for your brand. With good branding and consistency, you will create something more than just another item people go and buy from Amazon. By creating a brand, you will gain your customer's loyalty, which in return will boost your sales significantly.


Deal with criticism

This might be the hardest part for many, especially if you need external gratification for your actions. It is true that for many people, Amazon FBA might seem a bit suspicious. Many people cover their lack of understanding for this business with belief that what you do is “illegal” and“ not serious”. Whichever way your family and friends react, be sure to follow your dream. Don’t let them stop you- prove to them that you know what you’re doing. Your success will speak for itself!

Work on your mind

As you probably see by now, being an Amazon FBA seller requires mental strength. However, just like physical ones, this also can be trained and improved. Don’t get discouraged if you fail at the beginning. No one is a master when they start. Take your time and work hard. Your results might surprise everyone!


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