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Top 10 Clever Print Ads to Get you Inspired for Your 2020 Campaigns

November 15, 2019
Szymon Zurek
3 min
a silver apple graeter

It is quite apparent and self-explanatory why well executed campaigns bring profit. Sometimes you just need a little push, a new idea or a confirmation to take that action and risk.

Clever ad campaigns can be easy to memorise by people and if executed perfectly, become entertainment, a talking point and can even go viral.

It starts with the idea, followed up by the graphic design execution. (this is also why you need your graphic design agency to also know branding and marketing well.).

1. Mock someone (but don't get sued)

No alt text provided for this image

For anyone following the 2019 Apple news and the announcement of the Mac Pro, they will get this ad right away. For those who don't I would recommend you google it.

Either way, creating ads that are relevant to a recent fail of a company can get a lot of people on board with your brand and get your advert trending.

2. Using our culture to our advantage - relatable ads

No alt text provided for this image

Personally not a big fan of Marmite. Even though the advert is about dividing our population, it unites us with the message, that the division our population for and against the food is what makes Marmite great.

3. For all the Fitness Coaches

No alt text provided for this image

This one is pretty straight forward. While this is an advert for the Gold's Gym, you could totally use this as inspiration for your coaching business.

4. Everyone wants to be a super hero

No alt text provided for this image

Everyone wanted to be a super hero at some point. Owning a BMW makes you a super hero, at least that is the connotation of the ad. Attaching something meaningful to people into an ad can be a very powerful tool. It really all depends who you are targeting. If I saw this ad when I was 7, I would probably be a BMW fan to this day.

That is another takeaway from this advert. You can advertise your product to children so it is ingrained in them for the rest of their lives treating it as a long term investment.

5. Hardcore metaphor

No alt text provided for this image

Using a metaphor to convey your product is a good way to make people stop, think and analyse. We wrote a full article on our website analysing the ad.

6. Politics to your advantage

No alt text provided for this image

Really any news that is relevant to the time can be incorporated into your advertisement. Politics are a big source of news that many people follow, so being with the times, if you act quickly you can capture the most recent events into your advertising campaigns.

7. Something that looks like a news article

No alt text provided for this image

I never had the opportunity to test this type of advertisement and see if the you could get more CPI or click per impression, but I would assume this is quite a click-baity way of making people click the advertisement. This could also of course work as a print ad.

8. Being Arbitrary, Funny and Irrelevant

No alt text provided for this image

Consumers can get bored of the same type of advertisements, whether they are informative or clever for brand awareness. If well executed you could really do anything. If it crosses the level of absurdity without making harm, it is likely to be successful.

9. Optical illusions that make you and your friends curious

No alt text provided for this image

I am not going to spoil what the illusion here is. There are two animals. Write them down in the comments if you found which ones they are.

While difficult to execute, ads like this one, (much like the Volkswagen one) can capture an audience and make them stop, think and take their time to stop what is going on. It is a good way to get your ad trending because people like sharing it with their friends to find out whether they can spot the other animal quickly.

10. Ads that are simple but relatable

No alt text provided for this image

Ever got annoyed by memes? Yeah... but they work because they are relatable and thus funny. This ad went for something like this, and it did get a chuckle out from me.

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